Know the Issues

Importance of Recall Insurance

May 23, 2018

Brokers Can help Growers Minimize Losses By Jessica Theisman, Associate Editor California Ag

Temperance Flat Dam

Temperance Flat Dam Fallout Continues

May 18, 2018

Even Growers Not Benefitting are Unhappy By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor Even growers who were not

immigration reform

Latinos’ Responsibility on Immigration Reform

May 17, 2018

Commentary on Latinos and Immigration Reform - 2 of 4 Parts Latinos Have a Unique Challenge  By

temperance flat

Officials Angered Over Temperance Flat Lack of Funding

May 16, 2018

The Will of The People Was Ignored By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor Agricultural leaders from cities,

Chinese Customers Hurt with Increased Tariff

May 15, 2018

Not Just California Farmers Hurt with Added Trade Tariff By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor The extra

immigration reform

Latinos and Immigration Reform – Part 1 of 4 Parts

May 14, 2018

The Need for A Critical Analysis For Immigration Reform By Arnoldo S. Torres with National

Temperance Flat

Denouncing Non-Funding of Temperance Flat Dam Project

May 11, 2018

Officials Not Happy About Decision By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor Steve Worthley is a Tulare County

Citrus Psyllid Control Strategy Changes

May 10, 2018

Reducing Sprays in Areas, and Border Nets By Jessica Theisman, Associate Editor [caption

Travis Allen’s Plan for Agriculture

May 9, 2018

Allen Says Regs Hurting Farmers By Jessica Theisman, Associate Editor California has general

H2-A is Only Legal Solution For Labor Without Immigration Reform

May 8, 2018

H2-A is Heart of One Farm Labor Contractor By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor H2-A employees are the

FCFB Journalism Award winners

Laurie Greene Wins Journalism Award

May 7, 2018

Greene Wins Fresno County Farm Bureau Award for Series on Farm Workers’ Rights By Patrick

California Apple Commission

Additional Chinese Tariff on Ag is Disruptive

May 4, 2018

Growers Concerned Over Added Tariff into China By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor Trade to China is so

Mario Santoyo and Temperance Flat Denied Funding

Temperance Flat Denied Funding

May 3, 2018

All Hope Dries Up By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor Again, it came down to fish, specifically Chinook

fight for water

“The Fight For Water” Film On Amazon Prime

April 27, 2018

Award-Winning film by Juan Carlos Oseguera Expands By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor An

To Feed the Nation, Farmers Need Water

April 25, 2018

California Water Alliance is Good for All By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor Founded in 2009, the

Jason Phillips Talks Water Issues

April 19, 2018

Jason Phillips on Groundwater Recharge, Water Bond, and Subsidence Editor’s Note: Jason Phillips

temperance flat

Urgent Need To Oppose AB 2975

April 17, 2018

Urgent Need to Call CA Legislators and Suggest Opposition to AB 2975 (Friedman) Below is a letter

Farmers Add Emotional Connection to Food

April 13, 2018

Bayer Reports Consumers Still Trust Farmers By Laurie Greene, Founding Editor Adrian Percy,

GMO Technology Can Help Prevent Starvation

April 11, 2018

First World Activists Dictate to Third World By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor Needed GMO technology


Happy, Healthy Bees are Better Pollinators

April 6, 2018

Keeping Bees Happy By Jessica Theisman, Associate Editor Becky Langer is the project manager for