Redd Group Hosts Important Management Seminar March 26 in Bakersfield

The Redd Group Presents Management Seminar to Help All Segments of Ag Industry Comply with Arduous Regs

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

Jesse Rojas is the Founder and CEO of The Redd Group, LLC, based in Bakersfield. The Redd Group consults with employers to improve employee relations by using and implementing new methods of communication. Jesse and The Redd Group is presenting another important Management Seminar for many segments in the agricultural industry, and that half-day seminar will be on March 26, 2020, in Bakersfield at 4900 California Avenue, Tower B, Second Floor from 1 pm to 5 pm.

“I’m happy to present this seminar again in Bakersfield. Anyone from owners, operators, human resources team members, farm labor contractors, and administrators,” said Rojas. “We’re going to have specific presentations once again from Michael Saqui with the Saqui Law Group. He is the agricultural industry’s most powerful partner on labor issues. I’ve known Michael for several years, and his group recently became a division of Dowling and Aaron, so there are a lot of bigger in the State of California. He’s going to be focusing on a few new topics this year.”

“One of the topics of discussion is PAGA the Private Attorney General’s Act, which many companies have been affected by this frivolous law from the State of California and shark attorneys are suing in class action lawsuits suffocating companies. So, he will be giving a status on how do we attack and how do you protect your company from this PAGA fiasco.” Rojas continued.

“And one of the hottest controversial topics this year as well, as you might know, is AB-5, the Independent Contracting Bill. And really the consequences of AB-5 are going to affect agriculture as well because agriculture, like any other industry requires independent contractors, a lot of companies they need to move their product and they have independent truckers or they have other independent contractors they use in agriculture. And by affecting agriculture, I mean everything from growers, packers, shippers, FLCs, and, most importantly, the workforce. And how do you protect yourself from it?

What can you do to be in compliance with AB-5? As you might’ve heard with some of the pressure coming down on AB-5, they’re working in the legislature on introducing a few different bills to address some of these AB-5 broad consequences.” Rojas emphasized. So that’s going to be very interesting that we discuss AB-5 regardless of how big you are and what specific industry you are in, you need to be aware and know all the ins and outs of AB-5.” said Rojas.

And like in previous seminars, employee relations will be discussed as well. “Myself and Raul Calvo, we’re going to be focusing on, like you mentioned, employee relations. So leadership development for supervisors and managers, proper ways to resolve conflict within your company and your employees. And then strategies for effective employee relations, thinking outside the box to be on the cutting edge of your labor relations and labor management by implementing new methods of communication.” Rojas said.

And of course, with the labor shortages throughout the Central Valley, another hot topic at this seminar will be H-2A.

“As you know, with our labor shortage and changes in work culture in agriculture and farming, H-2A’s becoming one of the best methods to provide labor, efficient labor, high productivity. But it still comes with compliance and loopholes that you have to clearly understand to properly asses if H-2A is the right fit for your company. So we will be discussing H-2A as well.” Rojas explained.

You are encouraged to share the event flyer with the appropriate individuals in other companies who could benefit from the information. Again the event is going to take place on Thursday, March 26, 2020, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm, and registration at 12:30 pm. The location will be at the Cal Twin Towers, 4900 California Avenue, Tower B, Second Floor in the Cal King Room. The cost of the event is $50 per person, and seating is limited. You can register by calling or texting 844-946-7333 or email



ALRB/UFW Access Update Meeting March 21 in Bakersfield

Meeting March 21, 7 am -11 am at Hodel’s Restaurant in Bakersfield

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

Jesse Rojas, the founder, and CEO of The Redd Group; Michael Saqui from the Saqui Law Group; and Raul Calvo from Employer Services are the presenters of an upcoming important seminar. It will specifically focus on agriculture and farm labor contractors,  growers, packers, and shippers, regarding ALRB and UFW access. Attendees will learn what to do when the United Farm Workers union is wanting to take access and speak with farm employees to try to unionize them.

Jesse Rojas, The Redd Group

“The reason why we wanted to do this now before the season started is that the UFW has been very active this year, said Rojas. “The union is trying to get out of the hole that they’ve been in after so many losses. They pulled a big PR stunt earlier this year at Wonderful in Delano, and we also heard that they’re continuing to hire multiple organizers, which indicates that they’re trying to get more active in our industry this year.”

The dos and don’ts will be discussed when it comes to the union trying to take access to your employees or trying to gain access in your fields. Saqui will be presenting his hot topics in labor and employment. He will also delve into the overtime pay in agriculture, which is confusing and ever-changing.

“Raul Calvo will speak about how to improve employee relations and communications with your employees out in the field and avoid having a third party attempt to step in and become the medium of communication between you and your employees,” Rojas said.

State Senator Shannon Grove will also be speaking at the event at 8:30 in the morning, and she will be focusing on some of the legislation—the good and bad law that’s currently happening at the capital that’s going to affect agriculture.

“She will also speak about the general overreach of state agencies such as the ALRB,” Rojas said.

The location of the meeting is Hodel’s Country Dining at 5917 Knudsen Drive, Bakersfield, CA 93308.

For more information and to register, RSVP at or call 844-946-7333. Seating is limited.


Labor Seminar in Bakersfield On Developing Trends

Many Big Labor Topics to be discussed 

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

The Redd Group is offering a labor seminar for owners, operators, HR team members, farm labor contractors and administrators on Aug. 22nd from 8 4 p.m. at Hodel’s Country Dining in Bakersfield.

“We’re going to discuss hot topics in agriculture, oil, and transportation, such as I-9 audits—what to do when ICE show us up and the onerous wage and hour traps,” said Jesse Rojas, with the Redd Group. “We will focus on all that red tape, and burdensome regulations that businesses in California deal with every day.”

The keynote speaker will be former Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, who also owns Continental Labor & Staffing.

Registration required. For more information and to register for the workshop, call Jesse Rojas at 844-946-7333 or email