Farmers Launch New Health Advertising Campaign for Grapes

Ad Series Highlights Links Between Grapes and Healthy Heart, Brain, and Colon

News Release Edited By Patrick Cavanaugh

A new ad campaign from the farmers of fresh California grapes highlights how consuming normal amounts of grapes each day may contribute to long-term health by helping to maintain a healthy heart, brain, and colon.

Reaching consumers online and through print and broadcast, the campaign revolves around a series of ads focusing on the power of the whole fruit: grapes contain more than 1,600 documented natural plant compounds, including antioxidants and other polyphenols.

Each ad highlights key research from scientific study in the area of heart, brain, and colon health. Scientists believe it is the combination of natural plant compounds and daily consumption that provides benefit.

Kathleen Nave, California Table Grape Commission president
Kathleen Nave, California Table Grape Commission president

“Consumers have always loved grapes for their great taste, convenience, share-ability, and beauty. Through this campaign, consumers will learn that the health benefits grapes provide go beyond the basics of eating a favorite fruit as part of a healthy diet,” said Kathleen Nave, California Table Grape Commission president. “It is already established that grapes are a heart-healthy food, and now research in the areas of brain and colon health is emerging that suggests that grapes may have an even broader role to play in long-term health.”

Nave noted that research into these three areas of health, and numerous others, will continue.

The campaign will run in magazines and newspapers in both print and online, on health-related websites, on television and radio, and on social media.

Mann’s Snap Pea Sensations Kits Wins Award

Mann’s Mediterranean Style Snap Pea Sensations™ Kit was named a Supermarket Star by Women’s Health Magazine and is featured in the November issue on newsstands now.

This is the second year in the row that a Mann product has been named a Supermarket Star by Women’s Health. The magazine is sold in the United States and Canada and has a circulation of 1.6 million. The magazine’s demographics match up well with Mann’s target market as the median reader age is 38, college educated and female.

“Mann’s snap peas outsell the competitors’ five to one; we know consumers love them and we also know time-starved parents are looking for creative and healthy meal solutions that are quick and easy to prepare for their families” said Kim St George, director of marketing and innovation. 

The kits are unique due their versatility—they can be prepared as a cold salad or a hot sauté; and served as a side dish, or as an entrée by adding protein.

“We’re very excited about these first-of-their-kind snap pea kits,” St George said. “There are no other vegetable kits on the market with this versatility.”

Mann’s 11-ounce Snap Pea Sensations kits are available in two flavors—Asian Sesame and Mediterranean Style. The Asian Sesame kit includes sesame seeds and an Asian-style dressing; the Mediterranean kit includes grated Parmesan cheese and a basil garlic-infused olive oil dressing. As with Mann’s value-added fresh-cut products, Snap Pea Sensations kits have a 16-day shelf life. The suggested retail price is $3.99 to $4.99.

Mann’s produced a video demonstrating the easy prep involved to produce a Snap Pea “Sensations” cold salad or sautéed dish.

Beginning Nov. 1, the company applied more than 125,000 instant redeemable coupons for $1 off purchase to packages of the Snap Pea Sensations kits throughout US and Canada. The offer will be good through December at stores nationwide.

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