Individual 24/7 Bee Monitoring Now Available


ApisProtect Has Launched in the US

More than ten years of research, decades of beekeeping, three years of validating and testing, over 15 million anonymized data sets and more than 20 million honey bees monitored. There have been a few challenges along the way but the day is finally here.

“We are delighted to launch our new technology now exclusively available in the United States. There are a limited number of monitors available now,” said ApisProtect VP of Sales Dennis Kautz.

“Watch our short video here to demonstrate just how quickly and easily our monitors can be installed in the hive,” noted Kautz

“Our science-based honey bee monitoring technology empowers beekeepers to manage their apiaries more efficiently, reduce labor and transport costs, and focus on cultivating larger and stronger colonies. Using ApisProtect, beekeepers can generate an additional $98 of value from each hive per year,” Kautz said.

Commercial beekeepers in the United States will now be able to drive operational improvements, including increased labor efficiencies of up to 50% and reduced transportation costs during pollination by up to 25%.

Deciding which hives to send to pollination is important and time-consuming. “We provide beekeepers with an instant condition report on each hive so they can identify strong hives to travel to the almond orchards. This ensures beekeepers can fulfill their pollination contracts, earn bonuses, and increase productivity for growers,” Kautz said.

ApisProtect works with the beekeepers to ensure they have the strongest hives to maximize revenue from the pollination season. “Critically, we give beekeepers control of their information and data, enabling them to maximize the value to their operation,” noted Krautz.