2014 Zante Currant Raisin Price Established

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2014 Zante Currant Raisin Price Established

March 16, 2015

The Raisin Bargaining Association (RBA) has announced the establishment of the 2014 Zante Currant raisin price of $1,900 per ton ($ .95 per pound) based on the following formula:


The RBA 2014 Zante Currant raisin price announcement is identical to last year. The formula has been adjusted by increasing the transportation expense from $7 last year to $15 per ton which better reflects the actual cost.

Greece is the largest producer of Zante Currants in the world and has an above average crop, which results in an abundant supply of Zante Currant raisins in the world.

California sales of Zante Currant raisins was strong this past year, but the world supply situation is challenging the industry's ability to maintain export movement. Issues with the West Coast dock slowdown have already impacted several key months of shipments. California Raisin growers continue to produce the highest quality and safest Zante Currants in the world and will need to see this price increase in the future to justify continued production.

For further information, contact Glen Goto, CEO, RBA at (559) 221-1925 and www.raisinbargaining.org.