Urgent: Protect Workers from Excessive Heat

Urgent: Protect Workers from Excessive Heat

May 14, 2014

Extreme Heat Wave Expected to Continue Throughout Week

With really high temperatures throughout the Central Coast, Cal/OSHA will probably focus enforcement in coming days in these areas; please remember the key points of compliance with the Heat Illness Prevention Standard:

* Water -- 1 quart per worker per hour, with a plan for replenishment throughout the work shift

* Shade -- enough for 25% of the crew working at the location; use of natural shade is acceptable if no shadow is cast; air-conditioned vehicles are acceptable; provided at all times when temperature exceeds 85 degrees

* Rest -- allow workers to rest in shade if they feel the need for no less than 5 minutes

* Training -- workers & supervisors must be trained about heat illness and emergency response procedures before being exposed to heat

* High-Heat Procedures -- ensure effective communications in case of emergency; observe employees carefully for signs of heat illness; remind employees to drink water throughout the shift; closely supervise un-acclimatized employees for first 14 days of exposure to high heat