UnitedAg Association Helps Members

UnitedAg Association Helps Members

December 23, 2019


UnitedAg Helps with Healthcare For Its Members

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Health insurance is an expensive item for all business owners. Many agricultural companies also face challenges in having access to local health care in rural areas. UnitedAg is a trade association focused on bringing innovative solutions to healthcare in agriculture.

President and CEO Kirti Mutatkar said they are finding ways to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for their members.

Mutatkar…”In California, agriculture is an areas where there's no access to even primary care and clinics and decent care. So yesterday we actually had our ribbon cutting in Selma, and that is actually one of the underserved regions in California. And the next one you opening is Turlock. And there's one more opening in King City the first part of the next year.”

UnitedAg operates similarly to other health insurance providers but is only open to companies that make at least 50% of their revenues from agriculture. Their eight health and wellness centers are located around agricultural areas of California where they offer care at no cost to members.

Mutatkar says they think of themselves as representing the empathy side of agriculture. Members have access to their full PPO network so can likely keep existing providers. Learn more at UnitedAg.org.