Travis Allen’s Plan for Agriculture

Travis Allen’s Plan for Agriculture

May 9, 2018

Allen Says Regs Hurting Farmers

By Jessica Theisman, Associate Editor

California has general elections coming up on November 6th, and campaigning is already underway for the June 5th primary. California Ag Today recently met with Travis Allen, a state assemblyman running to be the next governor of California.

“One of my 5 point plans is very simple: to complete the California state water project,” Allen said.

One of his goals is to help complete the water project with more water storage in California. (Editor’s Note: We were not able to reach Travis Allen regarding the failure of the California Water Commission in funding Temperance Flat Dam.)

Califonia Assemblyman Travis Allen is Running for Governor

Allen wants to, “cut California's taxes, get tough on crime and repeal the soft-on-crime laws of Gov. Jerry Brown.” Other goals include fixing the roads, expanding freeways, and repealing the gas tax without any new taxes.

“We are going to fix our broken education system," he also said.

Allen wants to ensure there is enough water for the Central Valley.

“We have all of these extreme environmental regulations that are literally regulating our farmers out of business,” he said.

The State Water Resources Control Board has taken a heavy-handed approach in the valley and it affects everyone across California, not just the people who live in the Central Valley.

“Remember, the fruit and vegetables that are grown right here in the Central Valley are enjoyed not only throughout California but throughout the country and throughout the world,” Allen said.