Letter in Support of Temperance Flat Dam

California Building Industry Association Supports Temperance Flat Dam Project

Many letters are flowing to the California Water Commission in support of Temperance Flat. Here is just one of them!



Mr. Armando Quintero


California Water Commission

P.O. Box 942836 Sacramento, CA 94236-0001


Re: Support for Temperance Flat Reservoir

Dear Chairman Quintero:

The California Building Industry Association (CBIA) is a statewide trade association that proudly represents 3,000 members, ranging from homebuilders and trade contractors to suppliers and industry professionals. CBIA member-companies are responsible for over 90% of the privately financed and privately constructed new homes built in California each year. As such, we take great interest in the Water Commission’s Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) and its process for allocating Proposition 1 funds for projects to improve the statewide water system. CBIA has historically been a strong supporter of efforts to increase water supply – our organization was a key stakeholder in the water bond negotiations in 2009 through the successful Proposition 1 bond on the ballot.

Given our longstanding interest in California’s water system, we wish to express our support for the Temperance Flat Dam and Reservoir Project given its ability to provide essential water storage for the state of California. As one of the projects identified in the 2000 CALFED Record of Decision, the project would provide up to 1.26 million acre-feet of vital water storage, thereby improving water supply and the flexibility needed to manage California’s precious water resources.

An increase in water supply is particularly important given the state’s current and projected housing crisis. Housing supply is not keeping up with demand nor has it in several decades. The current backlog of housing is estimated at two million homes needed. Additionally, to keep pace with growth, the state needs at least 180,000 new units per year through 2025. With low supply and skyrocketing costs, it is not surprising that California’s overall homeownership rate is at its lowest level since the 1940’s. The State ranks 49 out of the 50 states in homeownership rates as well as in the supply of housing units per capita.

One critical component for addressing California’s housing needs is there must be an adequate and reliable source of water. While today’s homebuilders employ the newest and most effective water efficiency technology, new housing projects cannot be approved and built without identifying water supply. Temperance Flat would help provide that reliability so that our members can move forward on much needed housing projects throughout the state.

We strongly support this project, as it would help ensure that California has the ability to sustain its growing water needs by enhancing deplenished water resources and providing the necessary flexibility in the system to manage those resources. We look forward to working with the California Water Commission and the San Joaquin Valley Water Infrastructure Authority to advance this important project.


Erin Guerrero

Vice President of Legislative Affairs


Many other letters are coming in for support. Here is who to contact, by e-mail or U.S. mail, with your comments attention to:

California Water Commissioners and Executive Director

California Water Commission

P.O. Box 942836

Sacramento, California 94236-0001


Mr. Joe Yun, Executive Director

California Water Commission

P.O. Box 942836

Sacramento, California 94236-0001


Migrant Farmworker Housing: Part of the Solution for our Industry’s Workforce

By: Karen Ross; CDFA

Recently, I had the privilege of taking part in a tour of several migrant farmworker housing centers hosted by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

I was eager to participate in this tour with Business, Consumer Services and Housing Secretary Anna Caballero because of our shared commitment to work “across Cabinet” to improve existing and develop new affordable and decent housing for farmworkers and their families.

Access to safe, affordable housing is just one of many issues critical to our rural agricultural communities.

Earlier this year we received a report from the California Agricultural Workforce Housing and Transportation Project with recommendations to address the challenges and barriers to providing adequate housing and transportation to the agricultural workforce (www.aginnovations.org/workforce).

Seeing housing centers firsthand was very informative. We toured three centers  – Harney Lane Migrant Center (Lodi), Empire Migrant Center (Ceres) and Westley Migrant Center.

Our one-day tour underscored the critical importance of the effort that is needed in our rural areas to provide decent housing for hundreds of workers who plant, pick and process our fruits, vegetables, nuts and other agricultural commodities. These centers are not just a space to sleep and eat, but a place for families to live and belong.

The primary message I took away from this experience was a simple recognition of the progress that has been made. But there is much more that needs to be done!

The long-term viability of California agriculture depends upon agricultural workers who need safe, reliable and affordable transportation to their places of employment and a home that reflects their dignity and importance.

This will require effective coordination at the regional, state and federal levels to improve existing housing stock and develop new affordable housing for farmworkers and their families.

I applaud the dedication of the county housing authority leaders and center managers I met on the tour, and I look forward to working with my colleagues and stakeholders to make real, concrete improvements in the form of walls and floors and playgrounds that can make a difference today, and that will stand as examples for continued progress.