Seeds For Bees Program Creates Healthier Colonies

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

Project Apis M is a non-profit with the mission of funding and directing research that enhances the health and vitality of honey bees while improving crop production, these are often used in almond orchards and many other crops.

Billy Synk manages the Seeds for Bees Program for Project Apis M. He noted that having cover crops that bloom to attract honey bees is good for the almond orchard.

“For growers of crops that are very early blooming in the year, like almonds, having your cover crop bloom before, during and after, with that emphasis on before, is especially helpful to the bees pollinating that year’s crop. When bees have more access to more diverse and abundant sources of forage,” noted Synk


And Synk says the entire colony is more healthier. “The colony itself is more populous, each individual bee weighs more, and is more fit,  more vigorous, they are even communicating better and finding those almond blossoms; they’re finding them better when they’re communicating more.,” Synk explained.  “They also are more able to defend themselves against pathogens and hives when reared in pollen abundant environments, have a much higher rate of winter survival as compared to colonies that exist and reared in pollen limited environments,” he said.

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