Sakata Seed America Acquires Vanguard Lettuce Program

Sakata Seed America Acquires Vanguard Lettuce Program

April 14, 2020

Sakata Will Gain Vanguard Lettuce Genetics

Sakata Seed America has acquired Vanguard Seed, a prominent lettuce seed Company, based in the Salinas Valley.

The purchase of Vanguard provides Sakata Seed America with all existing Vanguard lettuce genetics. Vanguard’s seed team, dedicated to bringing quality lettuce genetics to the market, will join Sakata Seed America and Vanguard’s breeding, seed production, sales and marketing will be fully integrated under the Sakata brand.

“This is a mutually advantageous decision that allows us to bring top quality lettuce varieties to the market,” stated John Nelson, Vice President of Sakata Seed America. “Sakata is a market leader in multiple segments, including broccoli, and has an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and service in the Salinas Valley, and beyond. We believe this opportunity will create great synergy for both the lettuce and broccoli markets,” explained Nelson.

Sakata Seed America will integrate the Vanguard team into daily operations and retain Vanguard’s Salinas warehouse and office location. ‘We are excited for this opportunity to expand our product line into the lettuce segment”, continued Nelson. “Lettuce is a widely consumed vegetable globally and this acquisition will enable

Sakata to accelerate development of lettuce varieties for global markets and position our company as a major player in the lettuce market segment,” noted Nelson.

“The Vanguard team is excited to integrate operations with the Sakata team, and we look forward to continuing to develop the lettuce program backed by Sakata’s reputation for quality, reliability, and service,” said Dave Henson, Co-owner of Vanguard Seed. “Sakata is a leader in the broccoli segment in the Salinas Valley and beyond; together we can create a similar success story for lettuce,” Henson said.