Ruthann Anderson, CAPCA’s New CEO

Ruthann Anderson, CAPCA CEO

Ruthann Anderson, CAPCA’s New CEO

December 28, 2015

Ruthann Anderson, CAPCA's New CEO, Talks Leadership

By Brian German, Associate Editor

On January 1, Ruthann Anderson will become the new President and CEO for the California Association of Pest Control Advisers (CAPCA), based in Sacramento.

Anderson told, “I’ve been with CAPCA for several years, and I have grown up here in the Valley. I’m a big proponent of agriculture and what we do, and the whole idea of how our PCAs fit into the bigger picture of agriculture.”

PCAs assist growers in pest, disease and weed control—all threats to ag production. PCAs recommend control products that will either prevent issues or control them outright. Anderson explained, “We like to call them our plant doctors. And really they are so vital, not only on advising our growers, but also in making sure we protect California’s agriculture, we maintain the yields that we need, and we continue to move forward as the global leader in producing and feeding the world,” noted Anderson.

Anderson said she is excited about what 2016 will bring to CAPCA members, “We are excited to launch new projects, including the Leadership Institute for our PCAs to really showcase their professionalism as well as their ability to be leaders here in agriculture.”

Anderson noted the CAPCA Leadership Program is a legacy plan started by former long-term CEO, Terry Stark. “Terry drafted the program, and we are just building on it and making it even better," said Anderson.

CAPCA represents about 3500 members throughout California.



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