January 16, 2014

California Firm Expands Recall of Meat Products Produced Without Full Inspection

Class I Recall -- Health Risk: High
TODAY, Rancho Feeding Corporation, based in Petaluma, is expanding its recall to include an additional 420 pounds of product that was produced without the benefit of full federal inspection, making it unfit for human food deemed by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

FSIS has received no reports of illness due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about an illness should contact a health care provider.
The products recalled today were produced Jan. 8, 2014, and shipped to distribution centers and retail establishments in California. This recall is an expansion of the approximately 41,683 pounds of various meat products that were recalled on Jan 13, 2014.

The entire recalls include:

Declared on Jan. 16, 2014

  • 30-lb. boxes of “Book Tripe”

Declared on Jan. 13, 2014:

  • “Beef Carcasses”
  • 50-lb. boxes of “Beef Feet”
  • 20-lb. boxes of “Beef Oxtail”
  • 50-lb. boxes of “Beef Hearts” 
  • 60 and 30-lb. boxes of “Beef Liver”
  • 30-lb. boxes of “Beef Cheeks”
  • 60-lb. boxes of “Beef Tripe”
  • 30-lb. boxes of “Beef Tongue” 

FSIS routinely conducts recall effectiveness checks to verify that recalling firms notify their customers of the recall and that steps are taken to make certain that recalled product is no longer available to consumers.

USDA Recall Classifications Class I is a health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.