Reaching Listeners on and Off the Farm

Reaching Listeners on and Off the Farm

March 10, 2020

The Modern Acre Podcast


By Tim Hammerich with

Tyler and Tim Nuss are 5th generation from a family farm in Lodi, California. The brothers each left the farm to start their careers, but are making their way back in the form of a podcast they’ve started about agricultural innovation called “The Modern Acre”.

The brothers started the podcast as a side business but say the benefits go far beyond money.

“What was surprising for me is all of the value I got out of doing it that was not financially related. It was about building connections with people and learning from other people, and partnership opportunities, said Tyler.I would have done this a hundred times over with no visibility or roadmap to get money. I think just the network we have developed and relationships we, we've built has, has, has been truly valuable.”

Now that network built through the podcast is also coming in handy as the brothers become more active with the family farm.

“One thing we're looking to kind of further integrate this year into just the overall storyline and narrative of the podcast is Tyler and I's involvement with the family farm, said Tim.Where we're not on the farm day to day, but we are involved from a strategic level and getting more involved in looking at kind of the the best practices and companies and people that we're engaging with. How we can incorporate that into the farm and actually interweave that into The Modern Acre and what we're doing there.”

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