The Power of Three in Walnuts

The Power of Three in Walnuts

February 24, 2020

Power of Three Highlights Increasing Walnut Consumption Increase Heart Health

By Patrick Cavanaugh on the AgInformation Network

It's called the power of three and it's part of a big social media campaign by the California Walnut board and Commission. Jennifer Olmstead is marketing director for domestic public relations for the California Walnut board and commission.

“We have a lot of research backing up the heart health benefits of walnuts,” said Olmstead. “We've been researching it for approximately 30 years now and there's a lot of data to support that and that's the reason why we have the heart checkmark from the American heart Association

“The Omega 3 in walnuts is actually one of the key messages in our global power of three campaign. There are three different key points to the campaign. One is the Omega 3 in walnut,” said Olmstead. “The other is that we're encouraging people to eat three handfuls a week, so something simple that they can remember to do to get them closer to better nutrition. And then we also want them to share that message with three people in their own life,” she said.

And because a robust public relations by the Walnut Board and Commission, most people already know that walnuts are good for their heart health.

“Yes, the heart healthy message is starting to resonate for walnuts. Health is one of the top reasons that people are buying walnuts in general, and we want to continue that momentum throughout the year,” noted Olmstead. “We want people buying walnuts all year and even-out that season and not just have this tremendous spike around the holidays. We want to encourage people to think about other ways to use walnuts throughout the year.”The Power