Hemp Industry Gets Specific Dripline


By Tim Hammerich, with the Ag Information Network of the West


The hemp industry is still in its early days, and many growers are trying to find the systems that work best for efficiency and sustainability. Netafim, who invented drip irrigation over 50 years ago, recently unveiled PioneerLine™, the industry’s first dripline specifically designed for use in hemp applications.

Director of Marketing Ze’ev Barylka says the system is built specifically to meet hemp growers needs.

“We have basically two types. One that is called non-pressure compensating, which is for flat ground. And one that is called pressure compensating, which is for hilly ground, said Barylka.Basically ensuring that when you are growing hemp you have uniformity of water application, which means all of your plants are going to look alike. So they’re going to be the same height, the same size, and you’re not going to have a situation where you have a bunch of beautiful plants at the beginning of your field and very tiny plants at the end of the field.”

In addition to maximizing yield, hemp growers are very concerned with sustainability. Netafim has chosen to source recycled plastics for this product line.

“There’s a lot of stewardship in the hemp industry. PioneerLine is the first product for the hemp industry that ever contained recycled plastics, which is a big concern for growers,” noted Barylka.

For more information, visit www.netafimusa.com/pioneerline.