Novavine Open House Friday Nov. 1

Novavine Open House Friday Nov. 1

November 1, 2013

Demand for Grafted Grapevines

Expands Supply Space

The increase in vineyard planting throughout California over the past few years has created a huge demand for grafted grapevines. 

Grapevines suppliers such as Novavine, who has the only production facility on the North Coast, have experienced expediential increases in the demand for vines.  With sales double what they were in 2010, Novavine has been expanding its infrastructure in order to keep up with the demand. 

One major need was more greenhouse space.  This created an opportunity to design and install a new state of the art greenhouse.  The new greenhouse will hold 595,000 vines at a time and will be filled at least twice during a growing season, resulting in more than one million vines per year produced. 

The new greenhouse facility features:

                     46,332 square feet

                     Rollup walls to provide natural cooling on average temperature days

                     A palletized traveling bench system

                     Both under bench and overhead heat to ensure optimum growing conditions

                     Duel boilers and pumping system to provide complete redundancy

                     Evaporative cooling

                     State of the art monitoring and control systems

                     Quick connect hose attachments for ease of watering

                     …And much more



Novavineis excited to embark on this new venture and will be opening their doors to the public hosting the Grand Opening of their new growing facility at 6735 Sonoma Highway, Santa Rosa, CA on Friday, November 1st from 1pm – 4pm. CEO Jay Jensen and the entire staff will be joined by local Sonoma County dignitaries, clients and vendors in a casual afternoon setting of clonal wine tasting, pizza, tours of the new facility and discussions about innovation in grapevine propagation.