NO on Proposition 15 Campaign – CALL FOR ACTION

NO on Proposition 15 Campaign – CALL FOR ACTION

October 7, 2020

If Passed, It Would be the Largest Tax Hike in California's History

The largest tax hike in California’s history is on the ballot, and if passed would create $12.5 billion in new taxes, the largest tax hike in our state’s history.  

It is known as Proposition 15, and it would eliminate the 1% cap on property taxes for businesses throughout the state, including agricultural processing facilities such as tree nut hullers and processors.  In addition, it would trigger annual reassessments for agricultural fixtures, such as irrigation systems, solar installations on farms and processors, barns, and even permanent crop trees and vines.  

In a year like 2020, it is difficult to fathom we are facing something like Proposition 15.  For tree nut growers, hullers and processors, the time to take a stand is right now!  We need your help!  We need every member to contribute!

Therefore, we are respectfully asking each of our members to send us a check for $500 to $1,000 to help specifically on this effort.  We have raised over $35,000 to date towards our goal of $50,000!

We want to thank members that have stepped up to help so far, like Central California Almond Growers Association, Horizon Nut, Superior Almond Hulling, JSS Almonds, River Oak Orchards, Gold River Orchards, Cortina Hulling and Shelling, Kern Pareil, Inc, Alldrin Farms, and Andersen & Sons Shelling.  I also want to thank our Associate members like Fresno Rack and Shelving, Boer Commodities, Daniel C. Salas Harvesting and North Valley Ag Services for helping as well.  Lastly, we want to thank individuals and farms like AJ Carvalho & Sons, Pretzer Farms, Barton Ranches, Bill and Dan Prosperi, Clausen Almonds, David Munro and Donald Milburn for their efforts too!

Please fill out the attached form and make the check payable to Alliance of California’s Farmers and Ranchers and mail it back to our office at 1785 N. Fine Avenue, Fresno, California, 93727.  If you should have any questions, please call our office at (559)455-9272.