November 8, 2013


Thermal Plant Treatment Introduced to Viticulture Industry

With Promising Results

By Laurie Greene, Associate Editor

Thermal Plant Treatment (TPT), a unique patented technology, uses heated air to help reduce pesticide needs and has also shown surprising benefits with higher fruit set, when applied at blossom; thicker skin development on fruit; reduced fungal development by drying crops after rain storms; and improved yields.

Since the inception of the technology in 2001, the basic treatment protocol onto crops has consisted of a tractor-pulled machine moving at 3-4 MPH (5-6KPH), applying 100ºC (215F) heated air, at a wind velocity of 85-100 (135-160 MPH).

The machine, built exclusively for AgroThermal Systems by American Grape Harvesters of Fresno, California, is engineered to configure the treatment properly onto each crop.

Wine, developed from thermally treated wine grapes from the Napa Valley, Sonoma and Central Oregon is being compared with non treated wine grapes from the same vineyards.

Master of Wine, Philip Goodband
Agrothermal CEO Marty Fischer said TPT’s Master of Wine, Philip Goodband uses his expert tasting ability and knowledge of Enology to differentiate and accurately explain the differences between the test and control wines on a blind basis. “Having a world leading Master of Wine as part of our team said Fischer, adds expert validation to the differences we are seeing TPT create in wine quality.” Testing will continue, adding in blueberries, cane berries, pears and cherries.

Lazo TPC Global, Inc., doing business as AgroThermal Systems, is a California corporation that holds patents for Thermal Pest Control and has patents pending on other aspects of Thermal technology under the umbrella of Thermal Plant Treatment.