New QR Code Video Is Part of Merchandising Program

New QR Code Video Is Part of Merchandising Program

November 24, 2013

Pretty Lady Grapes Available

Through Holidays

The holidays are here!  Sunlight International is kicking off the season with the introduction of a brand new QR code video as part of their Pretty Lady for the Holidays Point-of-Sale Merchandising Program, shipping now. 

The new video, viewed by scanning the Pretty Lady QR code found on all holiday packaging, features “Santa’s Little Helper” cooking up an easy-to-make, delicious Mini Cheese Ball appetizer featuring Dulcich & Sons Premium California Table Grapes. 

The holiday video also contains other helpful tips for enjoying Pretty Lady Table Grapes throughout the season.  Joining the other P.O.S. materials that currently make up this highly successful and proven program, the holiday video is both fun and informative, with initial feedback being incredibly positive from viewers. 

In addition to the video, the full program is comprised of easy-to-rinse colander bags, free standing bins, display cards and posters. 

Just two years old, and already popular with customers thanks to the charming and colorful illustrated design, the full Pretty Lady for the Holidays Merchandising Kit allows retailers to easily deck their aisles with Pretty Lady Grapes, thus dramatically increasing sales.

“We’re really excited to expand our Pretty Lady for the Holidays Merchandising Program again this year,” says Nick Dulcich, Sunlight International Owner and Director of Sales.  “The Holiday QR Code Video is just one more way to let people know that Pretty Lady Grapes can help make the holidays more festive.  It’s our way of saying Happy Holidays to our valued customers and retailers!”

To order your Pretty Lady for the Holidays P.O.S. Kits, which are currently being shipped to retailers across the country, call Nick Dulcich at (661) 792-6360 or email at


Home of the Pretty Lady brand, Sunlight International — the sales and marketing arm for Dulcich & Sons — is a progressive grower, packer and shipper of Premium California Table Grapes. 

Grown on 6,000 acres in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Dulcich & Sons’ vineyards produce a variety of red, green, and black grapes that are shipped worldwide.