Latino Paradox Needs Attention From Latinos

Latino Paradox Needs Attention From Latinos

October 10, 2017

Latino Paradox: Latinos Have Responsibility

By Jessica Theisman, Associate Editor

The Latino population in the Central Valley is growing, and surpassing the Caucasian population. However, the economic status and general household income of the Latino population is staying about the same, even as Latinos are reaching new political and academic heights. This is known as the Latino Paradox.

California Ag Today spoke with Arnold Torres, a well-respected member of the Latino community, about this paradox.

“The Central Valley has gone through the phenomenal transition of being predominately Anglo, to now being, the Anglo is the in the absolute minority, and that number continues to go down,” Torres said.

There has been a population explosion, and yet, the socioeconomic profile remains the same as it was years ago.

“It is our responsibility to lead now. It is not going to happen just because our population grows; we have to learn how to use it in a constructive way,” he said.

Latinos are looking not to repeat their mistakes of the past and other people, but to set forth a new light and persevere more than ever.

Torres wants Latinos to remain inclusive in positions of power.

“We have to elevate where we've been, but now, we can not just elevate it for us, we must elevate it for everyone,” he said.

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