PG&E Rebates:
Low-Pressure Sprinkler Nozzles Are Recommended

Replacing high-pressure sprinkler nozzles with low- pressure sprinkler nozzles enables you to reduce your irrigation system’s operating pressure, thus reducing the energy it takes to run the pumps—yet still distribute the same volume of water your crops need, with fewer line breaks and less maintenance.

      •      Must convert from a high-pressure, sprinkler system nozzle (50 psi operating pressure or more at the sprinkler head) to a low-pressure sprinkler system nozzle. Low-pressure sprinkler system nozzles must replace high-pressure sprinkler system nozzles one-for-one.

     •      A pumping plant analysis must be completed after the replacement to ensure reasonable pumping efficiency. Must have 45% overall pumping efficiency or above.

     •        Hand move or permanent (solid set) systems apply. Application Process: 
• To qualify for this rebate, invoice must include the number of nozzles. 
• Must also include a pumping analysis, completed after installation, in order to show overall pumping efficiency.

Sprinkler-to-Drip Irrigation

Replacing a high-pressure sprinkler system with
drip irrigation reduces water, energy costs and maintenance costs and increases yields and revenue. Switching to drip irrigation also enables you to continue crop production in those areas where water supplies are depleted or restricted.


To qualify for this rebate, system must be converted from a high-pressure, impact-type sprinkler irrigation system (50 PSI operating pressure or more at the sprinkler head) to a micro-irrigation system.


• Not applicable to new plantings of vineyards or orchards unless a vineyard or         orchard was the previous crop on the field.

• Drip tape systems are not eligible.

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