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FarmTogether Online Platform Can Help

By Tim Hammerich, Ag Information Network

FarmTogether is a California-based startup that allows investors to invest in farmland via their online platform. COO David Chan calls the platform a one-stop-shop for investing in and monitoring farmland investments.

Chan…”In addition to being able to make investments through the platform in a seamless and quick way. You’ll also be able to track the performance of your investments in our platform. So we’ll show you each year’s projected yields and actual yields for comparison. So you can judge and see how the property is performing. You’ll see expected distributions and actual distributions. So again, you can see how is this property performing compared to where we had it in underwriting. All tax information will be shared through the platform. So. We formed these as pass through entities, which issue K-1s. So your K-1 will go right into your platform and will be available for you for downloading…

” We’ve put in a lot of effort into creating a one stop shop to serve all of our investors’ needs from education and exploration and learning to investments and actually funding your opportunity that you’re interested in, to tracking those opportunities and receiving your distributions and receiving any relevant tax forms as well,” said Chan.

Chan noted the platform lists a range of U.S. farmland investment opportunities including both row crops and permanent crops. Investors may include individuals or institutions looking to broaden or diversify the agricultural holdings.