Hemp Pavilion At World Ag Expo

Hemp Pavilion At World Ag Expo

January 13, 2020

World Ag Expo Adds Hemp Pavilion, International Ag Focus

By Tim Hammerich, Ag Information Network 

The World Ag Expo in Tulare is just about a month away. Marketing Manager Jennifer Fawkes says the annual gathering is a great place for agriculture to show off its latest technology, and for the general public to better understand where their food comes from.

"Some of it's new and some of it's, of course, the stuff that we're always excited about: steak sandwiches, cool tractors, new trucks, new technology, and just different things to help any operation in any way they can think of," said Fawkes.

"But it's also the new things. We have a hemp pavilion that is one of the hot topics in ag, so we decided it's time to dedicate some space for that now that it's really legal and legal federally," she said.  "We want to make sure that people have access to great education and new information. We're also excited, we have a little bit of a refocus on international starting this year. We're doing a lot of work with you as commercial service to do some matchmaking. So if there's folks out there that need some help with any international trade or buying from someone internationally, we've got help for you,” said Fawkes.

With 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, there is almost certainly something for everyone. Buy tickets online in advance for a $3 discount using the code WAE20 or just show up and purchase them at the door. The event is rain or shine February 11th - 13th.