HarvestPort Increases Cash Flow

HarvestPort Increases Cash Flow

May 23, 2016

HarvestPort Increases Farmers’ Cash Flow with Shared Assets

A tractor sitting idle on the farm can earn extra income for the farmer with a new program designed for sharing assets, noted Bryan Dawson, CEO of Harvestport.com.HarvestPort

“We are a shared economy platform for seasonally used agriculture assets,” said Dawson. “For example, a guy has a tractor. He is using it in stone fruit, which has a very short window in California of two to three months. When he’s done, that [tractor] sits in his yard. He can take that tractor, list it on our platform, and earn money off season, without having to do any of the associated tracking, tracing, following up on the logistics.”

Dawson commented that agriculture really lends itself to such a program where all kinds of equipment is sitting at the farm shop not being used.

“The great thing about Ag is, intrinsically, there’s a seasonality. I think the way people previously managed risk was to own more assets than they needed. So on a high season, they’re always prepared. It certainly makes sense from a self-reliance perspective, but we’re trying to introduce a program that would allow people to share with their neighbors without the headache of the friction. When you borrow something from your neighbor and there’s an accident, there’s more wear and tear. It can be quite a headache; it can damage the relationship.

Find out more about this new program at Harvestport.com.

HarvestPort - "How it works Borrowing" [Source: Harvestport.com]
HarvestPort – “How it works Borrowing” [Source: Harvestport.com]

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