GOT MILK? Celebrates 20 Years 
GOT MILK? Author’s Reflections
Milk and Tea—the New Cappuccino?

By Laurie Greene, Associate Editor

In 1993, Americans first witnessed what is now one of the country’s most highly recalled ad campaigns, “GOT MILK?”

Two decades later, the brand and its creator, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), are still going strong!

To celebrate the brand’s 20-year history and success with the community, the CMPB announced the winners of the CMPB’s commemorative anniversary program, the GOT MILK? 20 Awards. Steve James, Executive Director of the CMPB said, “There is no better way to celebrate our milestone anniversary than by saluting 20 of these positive role models and their untiring work in their communities.”

The 20 GOT MILK? 20 Awardees include (listed by key markets):

Bay Area: Reading Partners, Oakland; Resource Area for Teaching, San Jose; North Bay Dairy Women’s Association, Petaluma

Sacramento:Runnin’ for Rhett, Elk Grove and Senior Gleaners, Sacramento

Fresno:Care Fresno Teen Leadership Program, Reading and Beyond and Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Breastfeeding Resources Program

Bakersfield:Reach for Greatness Mentoring Program

Los Angeles: Ability First, Long Beach; Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN), Los Angeles; El Monte Unified High School District Food Services Department; InnerCity Struggle, East Los Angeles; Duke Welliver & the Peaceful Warrior Martial Arts Academy, San Clemente; Christmas in the Classroom, Fontana and Champions for Change – Desert Sierra Program, Riverside/San Bernardino/Palm Springs

San Diego: Miracle Babies, La Maestra Community Health Group, Child Nutrition Services at Vista Unified School District and San Marcos Unified School District’s Child Nutrition Services Department

GOT MILK? 20 Award winners will be presented their recognition and prize during ceremonies to be held in key markets during the month of November.

Funded by all California milk processors and administered by the CDFA, The California Milk Processor Board was established in 1993 to make milk more competitive and increase milk consumption in California. Awareness of the campaign is over 90% nationally and it is considered one of the most important and successful campaigns in history.

Sources: California Milk Processor Board, Business Wire
The California Milk Processors Board and GSP initiated the Got Milk?campaign in 1993, but what did GOT MILK? accomplish?

The tagline was first introduced in the television commercial, “Aaron Burr,” and has since been entered into CLIO Awards Advertising Hall of Fame.

Prior to the CMPB’s formation, the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), had for many years produced the “Milk Does a Body Good”. But the old ads didn’t change consumers’ behavior; consumers-and especially kids and teens-still considered milk to be boring, (Yawn) and sales volume was fast declining.

In June 1993, Jeff Manning, Executive Director, was hired by CMPB to revive sagging milk consumption in California. “We weren’t going to turn around a 15-year decline in per capita in one year, but we did believe that at least for certain portions of the population, we could flatten it out and start to move it up,”

In 1994 California milk sales, for the first time in over a decade, increased to 755 million gallons from previous year’s 740 million.

In 2001, Manning established a web site to promote the GOT MILK? campaign on the internet to increase consumers’ interest in campaign as popular culture. More importantly, it would serve as a vehicle to promote products with the GOT MILK? slogan.

In 2008, GOT MILK? made it to television, along with continued success.

Soure: Advertising Educational Foundation

Jeff Goodby of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners wrote the GOT MILK? tagline. From AdWeek, Goodby looks back at the campaign on its 20th anniversary and offers some comments:

It is perhaps the most boring product imaginable.

We have all tried it. Most of us already own some. There is very little to say about it.

Milk is not new. It is not improved. It is white.

And so it was that when the California Milk Processor Board first asked us to pitch their business in 1993, we were shockingly ambivalent. A number of us simply thought the product was inherently too boring.

At a focus group, when the clouds parted and a woman said, “The only time I even think about milk is when I run out of it, Goodby scrawled, GOT MILK? on a poster board and decided it might be a tagline.

And of course, a 20-year downturn in California milk consumption leveled off and has even headed upward now and then.
Over the last five years, tea has become the new “it” beverage among Americans, especially here in California. As reported in Business Wire, thanks to their health benefits and the wide variety of herbs and flavors, tea and tea latte offerings now rival coffee drinks at major retail chains.

The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), the creator of GOT MILK?, and Bay Area-based tea sommelier, Christopher Coccagna, have partnered to expand their markets by providing .beverage enthusiasts with innovative takes on teas with milk.

“Tea lattes are a fresh way to enjoy milk and the possible combinations are endless. We hope Californians try several varieties and recipes this season!”

“There are incredible varieties and flavors. Add milk, and tea becomes creamy, rich and even exciting.

Coccagna’s creations use only the finest ingredients, such as Velvety red rose petals, fragrant lavender blossoms, cool peppermint sprigs and spicy cardamom pods, with fresh milk to create modern beverages exclusively for GOT MILK?

“We are thrilled to explore the new world of tea with someone as passionate as Christopher,” says Steve James, CMPB Executive Director. “Tea lattes are a fresh way to enjoy milk and the possible combinations are endless. We hope Californians try several varieties and recipes this season!”

To learn more about the GOT MILK? Tea Lattes campaign, visit