Food Systems Continue for Consumers

Food Systems Continue for Consumers

December 29, 2020

Food Systems Remain Flexible Through the Pandemic


By Tim Hammerich with Ag Information Network

Throughout the pandemic we have occasionally been bringing you updates on how our agricultural and food systems are impacted. Here is another update courtesy of the California Farm Bureau Federation.

As the food system continues adjusting to changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers say the system has proven resilient so far. Supply chains have had to adapt as restaurants and other food-service facilities have been restricted or closed. The changes have tested food supplies and forced farmers and marketers to reconfigure some operations. But people involved in the food system say they’ve remained flexible to try to match demand and supplies.

The vitamin C content of citrus fruit has helped boost its popularity during the pandemic, and farmers who grow mandarins say they’ve seen more demand for their fruit. California Citrus Mutual says it expects increased volumes for this year’s mandarin harvest, which began last month and will continue for several more weeks. Recent cool, wet weather has helped the fruit gain color, and farmers say they’re expecting a good mandarin season.

College graduates with degrees in agriculture can expect strong job demand, according to a new report. The study estimates steady growth in job opportunities for agricultural graduates, and that employer demand for the available graduates will exceed supply. Although the study began before the pandemic, the report’s authors say they’re confident demand for agricultural graduates will remain “strong and steady.”