FieldIn Technology Answers Spray Questions

FieldIn Technology

FieldIn Technology Answers Spray Questions

July 27, 2017

New FieldIn Technology Helps with Spray Efficiency

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Farm News Director

Those operating spray rigs for farmers are always striving to do their best job, but a company by the name of FieldIn has technology that will make sure that job is being done correctly.

Neil Knaak

Neil Knaak is with FieldIn, a company that puts accuracy into the spray rig.

“With FieldIn, you know, they can just track this stuff. It's how it's actually being sprayed, and with that type of information, they're able to save time and money on their applications,” Knaak said.

It's all part of the agricultural technology revolution we're seeing, and Knaak says it's being well received. “So far, it's been pretty positive. It's all the more critical for them to be taking a look at just the speeds. You know, to know the speed, the location, out put. You know, coverage of how these things are doing, and so once they see the data, it just kind of clicks, and it makes all the sense in the world.

Knaak said there's sensors on the tractor that are recording important information.

“Now we know what's going on in the field, and with that information you can track, because historically, maybe you had a material that didn't work or a pressure dropped, and there was not a good way of testing the validity of why those things went wrong,” he said.

“Well, now we can actually replay spray events, and you can watch it in almost real time. So how it's helping guys is when we go out there and talk to them about speeds and gallons per acre. A grower now can pull up a smartphone and just basically, from a simple dashboard, he's looking at quality reports,” Knaak said.

“FieldIn will even give him weather data, and they have the scouting feature within the system. I mean, they can pull in just lots of good data that helps them make real time decisions,” he explained.