August 2, 2013

Project Symphony To Raise Corn Yield for Increasing Population

On Tuesday, August 20, from 10 a.m. to noon, Project Symphony Field Day will take place at:

Double Diamond Dairy

782 West Washington Road or

the NW corner of Highway 59 and Washington Road, El Nido

Sponsored by Wilbur-Ellis Co. and BASF

The Project Symphony Field Day will focus on the research conducted on silage corn grown in the California Central Valley.

What is Project Symphony?

Consider this: Adding to our current global population of 7 billion people, an additional two billion people are expected by 2050. Sadly, 14% of the world’s population today is undernourished; how will we prepare ourselves to feed an increasing population on dwindling land, with complexities such as climate change, accumulating regulations, water availability and quality, political corruption, crop waste, and distribution challenges?

To begin to address the increasing demand for food, Wilbur-Ellis and BASF have jointly initiated Project Symphony to test solutions using tools such as excellent seed, biotechnology advances, soil fertility, plant nutrition programs, crop protection treatments, water management, satellite imagery and handheld devices.

Project Symphony is a three-year undertaking of corn trials on a dozen or so sites across the country with the goal of raising the current corn yield of 150 bushels to 300 bushels per acre. Scientists project that corn is biologically capable of yielding 500 bushels per acre.

For additional information about the field day and project, contact Tom Prata Seed Technology Specialist, Wilbur-Ellis, at (559) 304-1353 or