Farmer Pedro Schambon Develops Pro Farmer Software

Farmer Pedro Schambon Develops Pro Farmer Software

June 16, 2020


Pro Farmer Software For Farmers by Farmers

By Tim Hammerich with the Ag Information of the West

Farmers of fresh produce all have to navigate various regulations such as Good Agricultural Practices, Organic and other certifications, and the Food Safety Modernization Act. Pro Farmer software can help.

This is a challenge for farms of all sizes, and particularly for small farms that do not have the staff to help keep things up-to-date. Farmer Pedro Schambon saw an opportunity to help in this area by creating Pro Farmer Software.

“When we were farming organic vegetables and you know, one of the requirements is to get the Good Agricultural Practices Certificate. Comply with a Food Safety Modernization Act, comply with Good Agricultural Practices, and also comply with the organic certification. And every year when we were getting their auditors to come to our farm, it was a lengthy process to be able to comply with everything that is required in those three certifications,” said Schambon.

Schambon used Zoho, which is a low-code platform to build the software himself. Once he had something that managed his farm, he began offering it to other small farmers as well. He still farms himself but sees this as a way to equip the next generation of farmers with the tools they need to be successful.

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