EPA Updates Pesticide Registration Info on Web

EPA Updates Pesticide Registration Info on Web

March 1, 2014

EPA has created a new area on its website containing all of its information on Pesticide Registration. Pulling from existing material, the new pesticide registration area is designed to help users find what they need easily and quickly.

Under clearly defined topic headings, visitors to this new Web area will have easy access to information on:

  • Pesticide registration
  • Fees and fee waivers
  • How to register a pesticide
  • Types of registrations under pesticide laws
  • Types of pesticides that can be registered
  • Registration forms and guidance documents

Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), EPA regulates all pesticides that are sold and distributed in the United States.

The term “pesticides” includes pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides, antimicrobial products, biopesticides, and other substances used to control a wide variety of pests.

A pesticide product is defined as a pesticide in the particular form (including composition, packaging, and labeling) in which the pesticide is, or is intended to be, distributed or sold and includes any physical apparatus used to deliver or apply the pesticide if distributed or sold with the pesticide.