August 21, 2013

Outdoor Foliar Products Re-Labeled for Pollinator Protection

The U.S. EPA issued a letter today to registrants of nitroguanidine neonicotinoid products that requires new labeling on all products registered for outdoor foliar use, (except granulars).

These include products that contain the active ingredients clothianidin, dinotefuran, imidacloprid, or thiamethoxam regardless of formulation, concentration, or intended user.

The necessary label changes incorporate a “Pollinator Protection Box” as well as new pollinator language to be added to the “Directions for Use” section of each label.

These labeling terms will highlight the measures necessary to better protect pollinators and also help achieve label clarity and consistency across this chemical class.

Current labeling must use the term “foraging” to describe any reference to bees, as opposed to former phasing such as “actively visiting,” “actively foraging” or “visiting.”

It is essential for these label statements to be implemented immediately on the labeling of eligible products. In the absence of labeling changes, EPA will take appropriate actions to ensure that these products are consistent with the requirements of Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

If these changes are made in the expedited fashion described in the letter, EPA anticipates labels with the new language will be available for the 2014 use season.

The submission of efficacy data and the company’s pollinator stewardship plan requested in the EPA’s July 22, 2013 letter should be submitted if they have not been submitted to date.

Registrants are requested to submit an electronic label (text .pdf) and the fast-track amendment application no later than September 3, 2013 via email to mailto:laws.meredith@epa.gov.  

Guidance for electronic submission, including e-labels are on the EPA’s website: www.epa.gov/pesticides/regulating/registering/submissions/index.htm