Courtesy of Western Agricultural Processors Association

As many of you know, EPA currently has out for public comment a proposal (the herbicide strategy) to require agricultural herbicide users to adopt greater use restrictions aimed at reducing runoff/erosion and spray drift risks to endangered species. While this proposal would impact most agricultural herbicide users across the lower 48 states, producers in four pesticide use limitation areas (PULA) established by the proposal (see PULA map here) could be subject to greater restrictions.

EPA needs to hear from growers, so we need every grower possible to sign on. To help our members with this, our agricultural coalition working on this issue has drafted a letter for individual growers to sign on to.  It is a petition style letter, so you do not have to cut and paste.  Simply click on this link: the sign-on link  and answer the four questions and your name will be attached to the letter. This needs to be done by October 20th. If you are a gin, huller or processor, please forward to all your growers and urge them to sign on too!  If you have any questions, please let us know.