Chinese Learn About PCAs, CCAs in California

Chinese Learn About PCAs, CCAs in California

August 24, 2013

Chinese Ag Officials

Visit West Hills Farm of the Future

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

A Chinese delegation that included He Caiwen Deputy Director General of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture were at West Hills Community College’ Farm of the Future campus in Coalinga on Friday.

Chinese Ag Officials Join West Hills Community College Staff in Coalinga.
The group were part of a fact-finding tour with a focus on their country’s crop protection product usage including an interest in doing what California does  in terms of licensing those who make recommendations, as well as maintaining good records, according to Joy Cowden coordinator of special grants with WHCC, and the person instrumental in getting the group to West Hills Community College. “They are also interested in our Pest Control Advisor, and Certified Crop Advisor programs,” noted Cowden.

He Caiwen

Hosting the delegation while at the campus was Frank Gornick, chancellor of the West Hills College District. “They were very interested in our pesticide regulatory standards so they can possibly implement similar standards in their country,” he said.

China has about 247 million acres under agricultural production (compared with the US at 404 million acres) with their top three crops being corn, rice and wheat.

The China group is also concerned about Maximum Residue Levels (MRLS) on their crops that could prevent exports, or be harmful for their consumers.

And if they were to develop their own crop protection materials, what does the US EPA require on the labels.

While in the US for three weeks, the group visited many areas including the US EPA in Washington D.C. They will also visit with California EPA and Department of Pesticide Regulations officials.