CFBF 95th Annual Meeting Hosts Over Thousand Members

CFBF 95th Annual Meeting Hosts Over Thousand Members

December 10, 2013

Statewide Farm Bureau Members listen to speakers during the General Session On Monday in Monterey




TODAY, Farm Bureau President Paul Wenger welcomed more than a thousand members to the 95thCalifornia Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF) Annual Meeting.

CFBF President Paul Wenger

Wenger acknowledged that some could not be there as they were protecting their crops from the cold. He talked about agriculture being about quick adjustment to change and resiliency.

Wenger spoke about crop insurance, immigration reform, labor force, CFBF membership recruitment and retention, medical coverage, and new CFBF managers. He also addressed Prop 3, which caused past membership losses and risks potential ones as well, and CFBF’s positive working relationships with both state parties.

Wenger said that we are the only state among the 50, plus Puerto Rico, whose members rank advocacy and not insurance as the top farm bureau service they receive.

As promised at last year’s annual meeting, CFBF rolled out a new websiteto deliver great content in just a few steps and to facilitate new and renewed memberships.

Wenger’s overall message was, “We have the opportunity to change Sacramento; we need to step up. Make sure we are relevant and have a presence in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. If we are unwilling to fight when we are strong, when will we engage?”

Benny Jefferson
Claris Myers with President Wenger
Recognitions Presented at the Annual Meeting

The first county farm bureau in the country to turn 100 was Humboldt in 2013.  

Inaugural Lifetime Service Award Recipient – Helen Roberti, Plumas-Sierra County Farm Bureau

2013 Distinguished Service Award recipient – Claris Myers Shasta County Farm Bureau and Benny Jefferson, Monterey County Farm Bureau

2013 Leopold Conservation Award – Robert Giacomini Dairy, Marin County Farm Bureau