CDFA Seeks Grower Members of Standardization Committee

CDFA Seeks Grower Members of Standardization Committee

November 15, 2013

Growers Asked to Fill Standardization Committee

The California Standardization Advisory Committee is looking to fill eight member vacancies. Spots open include two to represent oranges, other citrus fruits or table grapes; one member to represent other fresh fruit commodities; four members to represent broccoli, lettuce and/or tomatoes; and two members to represent other fresh vegetable commodities.

The committee is tasked with making recommendations to the secretary of the California Department of Food and Agriculture on the Standardization Program, which serves to make sure fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables meet minimum market standards.

The committee is comprised of 13 voting members who have a financial interest, either personal or through their employment, in fresh fruits, nuts and vegetable commodities.

There are a total of 14 member seats, including one county agricultural commissioner that is a non-voting member. For more information, please contact CDFA's Steve Patton at (916) 900-5203.