California Women for Agriculture Anew

California Women for Agriculture Anew

April 22, 2016

California Women for Agriculture Rebrands After Forty Years

By Charmayne Hefley, Associate Editor


Founded in 1975 in Coachella Valley to promote and develop the interest of women in a strong agriculture industry in California, California Women for Agriculture (CWA) marks its 41st year with a rebranding. Jeanette Lombardo, president of CWA, said, “The theme for this year is Innovate, Activate and Motivate. We are really taking a look at everything we do, and trying to change it for the better,” she said.

Lombardo said there are currently 20 chapters with 2000-plus members across the state. Guided by five principle objectives, CWA aims to speak on behalf of agriculture in an intelligent, informative, direct and truthful manner; to keep members informed about pertinent legislative activities; to collaborate in support of agricultural issues and challenges; to improve the public image of farmers; and to develop a rapport with consumers, educators, and governmental & business leaders in communities throughout the State.

The wonderful thing about our organization is the age range,” Lombardo said, "from very young to very old. And the older ladies are wiser ladies, as I like to say; they provide mentoring capabilities to the younger folks who are coming in. And the younger folks are seeking leadership, personal growth, and network and industry knowledge,” Lombardo said.

Likewise, Lombardo said, young CWA members have been reverse-mentoring mentors on matters such as social media, “It is a wonderful thing and my goal is to have chapters in every county,” she noted.