By Ian LeMay and Courtney Razor, California Fresh Fruit Association

The California Fresh Fruit Association (CFFA) applauds the introduction of the Affordable
and Secure Food Act that was announced in the United States Senate today. The California agriculture
industry is the nation’s top producing region in the world. However, ensuring a reliable workforce has
remained a constant issue.

CFFA President Ian LeMay stated, “On behalf of the California Fresh Fruit Association, we would like
to thank Senator Bennet for his leadership in introducing this bill. The agricultural industry has waited
many years to have a reliable, legal workforce. This legislation will address the critical need to provide
a pathway to legal status for current, undocumented employees, while also improving the existing
guest worker program. The agricultural industry in California and across the country prides itself on
being able to provide a safe, and secure food supply to the nation and the world. However, this can
only be accomplished with a dependable workforce. There is no doubt that agriculture has waited
many years for immigration reform, and we are optimistic that this bill will finally accomplish this

CFFA is encouraging the Senate to pass this bill to ensure that our domestic food supply will last long
into the future. The Association will continue to engage on this issue to ensure that California’s fresh
fruit industry’s needs are addressed.