California Ag News on Drought Declaration

California Ag News on Drought Declaration

January 18, 2014

Comments from California Legislature Regarding Drought Declaration
State Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Ceres) issued the following statement following Governor Brown’s declaration of a drought state of emergency:

“As we face one of the driest years in California’s history, we must take immediate action. There is too much at stake. Lack of water means a loss of jobs, a shrinking food supply, and threatens the integrity of our drinking water. As a member of the bipartisan coalition of legislators calling upon Governor Brown to issue a drought declaration late last year, I applaud the Governor for recognizing the dire situation we all face and am committed to working with him and my colleagues in the Legislature to develop short- and long-term solutions to ensure we provide water to those that need it most."

Assembly Republican Leader Connie Conway, of Tulare, issued the following statement after Gov. Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency:

“Today’s drought declaration is better late than never. However, I believe the Governor’s action is the result of his spending time in the Valley this week and hearing the pleas from the hundreds of Californians who rallied at the Capitol yesterday.

“This long-awaited drought declaration is more than a piece of paper – it’s a sign of hope and relief for the Valley farmers and workers who depend on water to feed the world.  While California still needs a long-term solution to ensure we have a safe, clean and reliable water supply, the drought declaration will definitely help in the short-term as the state enters a third consecutive dry year.”

Last month, Conway joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers calling upon Gov. Brown to take action on the state’s water crisis.  She also attended a Latino Water Coalition rally at the Capitol yesterday. Click hereto view her remarks.