AVIV Low-Dose Biofungicide Now Available in California

By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

STK Bio-ag technologies, the innovative Israel-based leader in biopesticides, announced that its new biofungicide AVIV, which has already been approved by 25 states in the US, has now been approved for use by California for a wide range of fruits and vegetables and TNV crops, including grapes, strawberries, and leafy vegetables.

AVIV biofungicide’s active ingredient is the most potent strain of Bacillus subtilis (AB/BS03) currently available, providing broad-spectrum disease control in both soil and on plant surfaces. In addition to its efficacy, AVIV can be used in low-dose rates. It also has a shelf-life of 36 months.

According to Neal Job, STK USA Business Manager, “We are happy that California has approved AVIV for use on fruits and vegetables. AVIV will be an effective and sustainable new tool for California growers, enabling them to lower chemical residues, increase yields and be more competitive in US and export markets.”

STK CEO Guy Elitzur added, “STK is pleased to bring new AVIV to California and other growers across the US. STK is providing innovative bio-based solutions in over 30 countries to meet the world’s food protection needs from field to fork.”

Biofungicides are considered the new frontier of insect and disease control in that the materials have no re-entry or pre-harvest intervals and do not carry any maximum residue levels (MRLs).