Virtual Almond Conf. Dec. 8-10

Virtual Almond Conf. Dec. 8-10

December 1, 2020

Virtual Almond Conf. 2020 Coming

By Patrick Cavanaugh

The big virtual almond conference, 2020 is coming up in less than a week. And you can still register to attend

Ashley Knoblauch is a communication specialist with the almond board of California. The virtual almond conferences is December 8th, through the 10th.

“You have the opportunity to have a variety of speakers from across the world. People who perhaps didn't have the time to fly in before,” Knoblauch said. “You have the option as an attendee to watch a session in the morning, maybe go take care of some business later, come back and watch another one,” she noted.

“There's a lot of agility with a virtual conference. And so while there are some downsides, there's a lot of upside to it too. And we're really excited to get participation from the industry.

“There's so much opportunity for us to get a lot of different participants from around the world to learn more about the industry and what we're doing and to hear the news, but it is still very much a California almond industry industry-focused conference,” Knoblauch said.

“We're very excited about it. We'll have a lot of the same things as we've had in the past. Of course, we'll have sessions. There's going to be a trade show that we heavily encourage industry members to check out. The booth setup is going to be very cool. “We will have the chance to share research, with the research sessions and different updates, and so there will be lots of different opportunities for people to get plugged in,” she said.

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