Almond Buyers Are Curious About The Farm

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Almond Buyers Are Curious About The Farm

March 23, 2020

Buyers of Almonds Are Asking More Questions About Farm Practices

By Patrick Cavanaugh,

Ben Goudie is membership development with Blue Diamond Growers, who move a lot of almonds around the word.

He noted that buyers of their products for distribution are interested in sustainability growing practices. “You know, in the past sales conversations have been pretty basic, with general questions about price and availability,” said Goudie. “Now, a lot of the sales meetings start with conversations about sustainability, start with conversations about corporate social responsibility and what we're doing with our growers. What we're also doing in manufacturing, looking at energy savings, looking at all aspects of sustainability on the corporate level,” h explained.

And the Almond Board of California's Almond Sustainability Program (CASP) where growers fill out information on their growing practices is part of the information Blue Diamond Growers share where their buyers. “We are using the CASP survey as the basis for our grower information. We are also working on a full and comprehensive sustainability program with our sustainability manager, Catherine Campbell, and she has put together a full package that we supply to our buyers,” Goudie said.

Goudie noted that the in-house sustainability program they're putting together is comprehensive. “It is pretty robust---everything from energy savings to looking at our distribution and supply chain, how we've made savings and looking at our carbon footprint,” he said.