Almond Board Funds Big Projects For Future of Farming

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Almond Board Funds Big Projects For Future of Farming

January 6, 2020

One Big Project is Navel Orangeworm Control

By Tim Hammerich,  Ag Information Network

The Almond Board of California recently announced an investment of $5.9 million in 85 independent research projects exploring next-generation farming practices. We will be exploring some of these initiatives this week, as they offer insights into challenges faced by California growers.

Josette Lewis, Director of Agricultural Affairs for the Almond Board of California, says one area of focus is the almond producers largest pest.

"Some significant investments in the area of navel orangeworm that affects everything from farmer management in the orchard during the growing season to cost at the handler level to sort out nuts that have been damaged by insects to our exporters who may face questions around aflatoxin and checks at export markets that could be very costly if aflatoxin rates, which are often associated with navel orangeworm, are found,"said Lewis.

"We continue to invest in integrated pest management systems or navel orangeworm,"she said. "We're very excited to validate the value proposition of use of mating disruption as a new tool. And then also this year made a historic investment in looking at the use of sterile insect technology for navel orangeworm, which would be a powerful new IPM tool.”