Almond Alliance– A Big Advocate

Almond Alliance– A Big Advocate

June 25, 2020

The Almond Alliance is Major Advocate For the Entire Almond Industry


By Patrick Cavanaugh, Editor

Elaine Trevino is President of the Almond Alliance. “The Almond Alliance is the trade association and is membership-based for the California Almond Industry,” she said. “We exist to advocate for almond growers, hullers, shellers, handlers and processors. We do the political work and the political advocacy with both state legislators federal agencies, and of course, Congress in D.C.,” Trevino said.

“So we're very active and making sure that the industry is receiving access to all the programs that it needs to,” said Trevino. “We're very active in working with state and federal legislators on legislation and policies that impact agriculture, specifically almonds. We've been very active to make sure that the USDA and Congress are aware of the damages to the almond industry regarding COVID, and that the almond industry receives their fair share of help through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP),” she said.
The Almond Alliance constantly fights for the almond industry. “And we also tell the story of the almond industry to ensure that, elected officials and stakeholders are aware of the value, both economically, job-wise, tax-wise, nutrition-wise, and food-wise. We want to be aware of the benefit of the industry to the overall economy, to the state, to the world,” she said.