Courtesy of the Almond Alliance

By Hector Barajas

Organization Credits Sen. Padilla, Speaker McCarthy, Rep. Costa for Promoting Need for a Resolution to Major Trade Barrier

The Almond Alliance welcomed today’s announcement from the United States and India that retaliatory tariffs on almonds will be lifted.

“We are greatly pleased to have this issue resolved so that US almonds can once again compete fairly in one of the largest international markets,” said Aubrey Bettencourt, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Almond Alliance.

She noted that the outcome was the result of ongoing negotiations between the two countries during the past several months.

“While a lot of people were involved in making this happen, I’d especially like to recognize the role of several members of the California Congressional delegation,” Bettencourt said. “Senator Alex Padilla, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and U.S. Representative Jim Costa made major contributions to this effort. Without their leadership, these onerous trade barriers might very well still be in place.”