Allocation May Be Above 20 Percent

Allocation May Be Above 20 Percent

February 22, 2013

Because the Tracy pumps have been significantly been turned down throughout December and most of December, the San Luis Reservoir has not been refilled as it should be, which will impact Farmers on the West Side of Fresno County. Patrick Cavanaugh has more

The reduce pumping has  triggered an early prognostication last week,  that farmers on the West Side could be looking at as low as a  20 percent allocation, but it is not the official allocation from the Bureau of Reclamation for this season.

Joe Del Bosque is a West Side Fresno County Farmer who is severely impacted by the water cutbacks. He told AgNet West that he’s waiting for the official announcement.

Del Bosque noted that The Bureau may make an official early allocation this week.

He said  there should be more water coming.