Insuring Employee Wellness

By Tim Hammerich, with The Ag Information Network of the West

Employee wellness is critical to our state’s agricultural operations. UnitedAg has recognized some members of their ambassador program for their achievements in workplace wellness. One of those is Nichols Farms HR Manager Cristina Rocha.

“UnitedAg puts together a group from different companies that they do business with. This group gathers and just kind of generates ideas on how to get employees more involved with the insurance and the benefits that are available to them within the organization,” said Rocha

Rocha hosts wellness fairs for over 350 employees at the Hanford-based pistachio and almond company.

“I try to coordinate different health organizations to come here and setup shop for a day, and then just speak to our employees about different health-related issues. Like we’ve had, I think health screenings, dental services come out here. UABT usually partakes every year in this health fair that we sponsor,” Rocha said.

Nichols also offers cooking classes, healthy lifestyle support, and an employee walking path.