AG CRIME ALERT: Sutter County

AG CRIME ALERT: Sutter County

December 2, 2013

Thefts and Recoveries in Sutter County

Two growers in Sutter County have been recent victims of separate agricultural crimes. 

Stolen Implement Carrier

In the first incident, a new CAT, yellow tube type, 24-foot implement carrier was stolen from Nuestro Road in Sutter County, most like in the last two weeks.

In the second incident, during the night of Friday, November 22, an Orchard strip sprayer, tank, pump, 150 gallons of diesel fuel, and a 2.5 horse Honda motor off of a nurse tank were taken from a prune orchard off of Nuestro Road, west of Township Road, in Sutter County.

If you have any info, please contact Sutter County Sheriff’s Dept. at (530) 822-7307.

Stolen Property Recovered 

Meanwhile, a recently stolen strip sprayer was recovered Wednesday, Nov. 27th at a “chop shop” in east Biggs, after a Sutter County Sheriff’s Deputy recognized the equipment from Yuba Sutter Farm Bureau’s Facebook post. 

Other stolen items discovered at the location were: motorcycles, quads, trailers, boats, farm equipment (including a backhoe and smaller tractor) and license plates to stolen vehicles.  This was a very active chop shop. Because of the scale of the operation, the Sutter County Sheriff's Department has called in the Highway Patrol’s Vehicle Theft Unit and turned it over to them.  

Growers who have had items stolen prior to last Wednesday and since September are encouraged to contact the CHP to see if their items were recovered. 

CHP's Valley Division in Sacramento:  (916) 731-6300.
Thank you everyone for keeping an eye out.