October 1, 2013

No Time for ACP Complacency

Beth Grafton-Cardwell

"With frequent news reports on Asian Citrus Psyllid trappings and observations of live adults and nymphs on trees, the citrus industry needs to be more vigilant in keeping this pest suppressed," noted Beth Grafton-Cardwell, UC Cooperative Extension specialist in the Department of Entomology at UC Riverside.

“It’s so important that, when psyllids are found on a sticky card or live in a tree, we do not give up on treating the pest,” Grafton-Cardwell told California AG Today. “We need to keep this pest suppressed and locally eradicated,” she emphasized.
“Huanglongbing (HLB), also known as citrus greening disease, will eventually start spreading, and we must keep the population suppressed in order to keep our citrus industry viable,” Grafton-Cardwell said. 

Work is being done at UC Davis and UC Riverside to develop tools that will determine if a tree is infected with HLB well before the USDA PCR Test can detect a positive.

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