October 1, 2013

Update on ACP Finds Announced Today
First Psyllid Reportedly Trapped
in Fresno County

Three distinct Asian Citrus Psyllids were discovered TODAY in traps along the citrus belt in Strathmore and in Ducor in Tulare County, plus a third northeast of Dinuba just over the Fresno County line.

“It represents what could be the first ever ACP trapped in Fresno County,” said Sylvie Robillard, Fresno County Liaison for ACP, who is an advocate for growers to help them meet the mandates necessary when an ACP is discovered.

“No one really knows what it means yet,” noted Robillard. “The one in Fresno could be a hitchhiker from a passing citrus truck.”

Delimitation traps are going along with a major increase in visual surveys. And soon there should be a mandated spray program 800 meters around the tree where the trapped Psyllids were found.

“We should be giving the growers a call this week to notify them about the need to spray,” said Robillard. “There will be an official map of the trapped area, and CDFA will determine if a quarantine is needed.”

If infected with Huanglongbing (HLB) disease, Psyllids after feeding on a citrus tree will kill the tree. Only one tree has ever been infected with HLB in California. That was in 2012 in a Hacienda Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles County.